Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pure Acoustica at the Dolphin on the 19th November

Possibly one of the best if not the best nights so far. Jim Chorley kicked us off with a cracking set, Raj as entertaining as ever despite breaking a string. The amazing Keeley Filgo made her Pure Acoustica debut and fitted right in and managed not to beat me to a pulp as I continued to get her name wrong. I'll blame the ale....
Myself and Dave Miles, who managed to drag himself down from Bristol for the night, played a few old Drunk On Logic tunes then it was straight in to The Shimmering Bees who with bazooki, hurdy-gurdy and a selection of drums, managed to keep us spellbound for the duration.
Then, in true Pure Acoustica fashion, we all played again! By this time the pub was heaving and the beautiful and marvelous Carly passed amongst the crowd exchanging raffle tickets for e-mail addresses, the prize being a selection of cds from the performers and a jar of honey from The Shimmering Bees. How happy does the winner look? He was made up!
Thanks to all involved and here's hoping that the Xmas special will be just as good or even better!