Monday, 11 May 2009

Pure Acoustica @ Winchester Mayfest Update.

Went and had a quick look around on Saturday and the place looks perfect. I want to have a chat with the manager this week just to make sure that they're expecting us and will have a nice space ready.

I managed to make some posters and have left them with them but will take over more later this week.

I also had a chat with Nick from the Coffee House across the road who will give you a free cup of coffee if you go and play a tune or two.

It's a nice shop and they do great coffee. Also he is looking to put on some music in the future so it would be an idea to go over and say hi and stuff. He plays a resonator so he's on our wavelength.
Should be one more update this before Saturday.
Pip Pip

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pure Acoustica at The Winchester MayFest

Created by OnePlusYou

This is the proposed timetable for the Winchester MayFest on Saturday the 16th of May.
As you will notice there isn't any changeover time. 
As we are all acoustic there shouldn't be any.
If you have a problem with your time comment here by clicking on the "comments" tab at the bottom of THIS post.
Email the person you want to swap with making sure you copy me into your request and the reply. 
I will alter the timetable as soon as I'm informed of any agreed change.

All artists must turn up at least 30 minutes before their start time. Call or text me on  07812150809 if you have a problem.

I have made a Facebook group for the event here
I will have cds made from recordings that I made at The Dolphin. You're welcome to bring any of your own. 
I'll be putting some publicity stuff together; posters and flyers as well as more web stuff.
Keep checking this blog for updates. Any ideas please comment here.

Artist Start Stop
Nick Tann 2.00 2.20
Tom Caulfield 2.20 2.40
Joe Woodham 2.40 3.00
Matt Blake 3.00 3.20
Emmy Lee 3.20 3.40
Ben Woodward 3.40 4.00
Julia K 4.00 4.20
Simon Javens 4.20 4.40
The LCD 4.40 5.00