Sunday, 25 January 2009

First Pure Acoustica Gig Confirmed!

Yes indeedie. The first or dare I say "Inaugural" Pure Acoustica gig in confirmed for Thursday the 12th of February at The Dolphin Inn at St Denys which is here

Right next to St Denys train station.
Confirmed artists so far are Emmy Lee, The LCD, Matt Blake and Tom Caulfield.
All artists with reverbnation profiles please add this date to your gig list so it will show up in the widgets. 
The Dolphin is regarded as one of the best pubs in Southampton and have quality acts there regularly. They do not pay, but pass a jug around so can't promise much but I'll be encouraging them to pass it round more than once! They serve amazing beer and there is always a friendly atmosphere. I've played down there and know that we'll all go down a storm.

The plan is to start at 8.30 and for everyone to play 2 x 15 minutes sets. That may change but stands at the moment. If acts can be at The Dolphin by 8.10 at the latest that would be fantastic.

If you are going to be late or can't make it call me as soon as you know.

If you can't commit to playing now but find you can on the night then just turn up and I'll try and fit you in or just come along and say hi.  I will introduce everyone and act as compere' for the night as well as play a few tunes. Obviously if you invite people to come along that would be great, especially if they turn up! Any questions please PLEASE PLEASE comment here and don't email me.

I am hoping to make audio and video recordings on the night if all goes to plan.

The Pure Acoustica website will be revamped once we have more content i.e. pics, video, song samples etc.

Questions anyone?

Botyov 1791 have just confirmed that they will also be playing.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I have now started featuring artists in my podcasts. 
Pure Acoustica artists, friends and people I have stumbled across.
To listen you can use the red widget on the right or if you're not actually sure what the fuck a podcast is then here is the explanation that I posted on my other blog "Is This Thing On?"

Ok in a nutshell a podcast is a piece of audio, usually speech perhaps with some music. Like a radio broadcast. This piece of audio has to be posted on the web so that people can hear it. You can download this podcast to your computer so that you can either add it to your MP3 player (iPods etc) or play it later. If you have an application called iTunes then you can use that to download it. You can subscribe to a podcast so that every time a new one appears, you will automatically download it.
You can also just listen to it from its source (stream).

My latest podcast has just gone live. You can stream it OR download it from It's about 17 minutes long and has me chatting a bit and playing 2 songs from some fantastic independent artists that I have discovered.