Friday, 24 April 2009

Winchester MayFest


Hi All,

the Winchester Mayfest looms and will be upon us on the Saturday the 16th of May. We shall be in the Discovery Centre Cafe from 2 untill 5 pm.
So far I have confirmations from
THE LCD, Matt Blake, Emmy Lee, Joe Woodham, 
If you want to play then please let me know as soon as you can.
Getting a nice bit of publicity for it fuck knows where that picture came from!
Everyone will have 2 slots, I'll work out how long each slot will be nearer the time.
As I mentioned before, I will compile some promo cds with the material I recorded The Dolphin gig.
Emmy has stated that she doesn't want her stuff to appear on it and if anyone else is of the same mind then LET ME KNOW.
I'll set up a Facebook/myspace/reverbnation and remotegoat event and will send you the links as soon as I have.
If you haven't already then could you please send me your contact details i.e. your home address and your mobile number, it's just handy to have.